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Nick Kemp's Official Blog is now at

Nick Kemp's Official Blog is now at

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Nick Kemp's Provocative Change Works

A good introduction

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Nick Kemp on "What is NLP?"

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming can be described in the following way
Neuro:The way our brains and nervous system work.
Linguistic: The way we communicate, both to others (verbally and non-verbally) and ourselves (out loud and inside our heads).
Programming: A methodical and systematic way of coding our skills and knowledge, and replicating the skills of others.

By being able to communicate to our brains and nervous system in a methodical way, we can replicate the skills of others, and improve the behaviours we already produce in this world.
NLP is based on the proposition that all behaviour has a structure and that the structure can be modelled, learned and changed. NLP is, therefore, the study of patterns in behaviour and what can be calculated from them or as a colleague once said "It's about how you do, what you do."

Nick Kemp's involvement in NLP
I first trained in NLP in the 1990s with Richard Bandler the co creator of NLP. I used many of my NLP insights in corporate work with clients which I offer through Nick Kemp Training ( In 2000 I also first started to use my insights from studying the art of language to create the Human Alchemy series of CDs, which are now available on all Amazon sites as well as my own products store online.
In 2004 I began running certificated NLP training courses for the public and in 2005 I set up as a free online resource for those interested in NLP. On this site I interviewed who I consider to be the very best trainers in NLP, including Richard Bandler, Doug O Brien, Steve Andreas and John LaValle among others. I also made sure that these trainer interviews are from different schools of NLP so that the public are able to hear a genuine variety of viewpoints from an independent perspective.

After writing many articles on NLP, in 2006 I was asked by the BBC to appear weekly on the radio to discuss the use of NLP in curing phobias. This resulted in 26 consecutive weeks of successfully working with numerous phobics and this work inspired me to create my own "Provocative Change Works" approach which was demonstrated in my "Provocative Change Works for Phobias" DVD set. In 2007 I was invited and accepted the position of being on the accreditation and advisory Board of ANLP.

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Nick Kemp on Binge Drinking


"You are totally disarming and beyond formalisation.
There is ease and naturalness about you and you make people relax really quickly.
You got the power man!"

Frank Farrelly, Creator of Provocative Therapy on Nick Kemp, (June 16th 2006)

"Do you know Nick Kemp? - (he is) exceptionally bright, and I have immensely enjoyed communicating...The kind of exchanges that I have been having... are the kind of activities that I think can really advance the field."

Steve Andreas, NLP Author, Trainer, Developer

"Nick Kemp is what a trainer should be."

Doug O Brien - Master Trainer & Hypnotherapist

"I have known Nick Kemp for a number of years as both personal friend and mentor... no one has done more to promote Frank Farrelly and his highly effective treatment modality of "Provocative Therapy" than Nick Kemp. In 2004 when both myself and Nick met Frank Farrelly for the first time, the only readily available material was the classic 1973 book, "Provocative Therapy." Since that meeting, Nick and Frank have become firm friends and there is no doubt the rest of us have benefitted enormously from this unique relationship. Now with numerous audio and DVD training products produced and promoted by Nick Kemp, Frank Farrelly's work is more readily accessible than ever before.
With this is mind, I had the very great pleasure of attending Nick's first "Provocative Change Works" course in Leeds. Having extensively studied Provocative Therapy and seen Frank work one-to-one sessions live with clients on several occasions, I was astonished at the level of expertise demonstrated on the stage. I have no doubt that with his modelling skills, Nick Kemp has managed to "get" the PT model in its entirety. Watching Nick interact with his clients left me in no doubt that he is the very embodiment of Frank's humour, wit, skill and flexibility. I suspect that anyone familiar with Frank Farrelly's style of working will get that spine tingling sense of familiarity when watching Nick work and that the mantle of Frank's ground breaking work has truely found its lineage, and his experience and dedication to detail makes him one of the best trainers and change work therapists in the UK today."

Andrew T Austin
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neurolinguist & Author of "The Rainbow Machine"

"Had to say I saw the 3 minute wonder on channel 4 tonight called 'My Amersham' which you did the music for, and thought it was wonderful, incredibly hypnotic, and was especially impressed with the music, I was stuck to my seat. I googled your name and wanted to send a note of appreciation."

Jonathan Green

"Nick Kemp has modeled two different simple processes which are part of his Provocative Change Works™ set of tools for working with anxiety and other strong emotions that I have found enormously useful in working with clients. He has also modeled the different patterns in Frank Farrelly's Provocative Therapy so that they are easy to learn. In addition, he is everything you might wish for in a colleague - available, creative, eager to discuss ideas and learn as well as teach."

Steve Andreas

"Nick Kemp, what a guy, I mean he's really something else. He helps people get rid of phobias that they've had for 34 years. Well the BBC heard about him and they went and saw what he was doing and... 'We want you on, you know, every week' and stuff like that and said 'Why don't we do a couple and so he did'. This is BBC radio and so he did it. People called in and stuff like this you know. So then they got so excited because the calls... the switchboards just lit up like a Christmas tree you know. So any rate this one gal... he would do this help her get rid of her phobia 'Are you sure you want to get rid of this phobia now'? She was terrified of birds, any kind of birds. Anywhere near her. Any kind of bird for 34 years. And her husband said 'That's all true too'. Everything. She had to go round them etc. He got her. He did the therapy and then walked her outside and they followed her with cameras and stuff like that and they showed the studio audience... and she was feeding the pigeons. And her husband said 'This is surreal, it's unbelievable'. This can't be true, but there it is.

The BBC wanted him every single day for the rest of his life but he said 'No, no, no, once a week is ok'. On his website and on mine he talks about (a) having heard about Frank Farrelly (b) Frank Farrelly's still alive and doing workshops and Frank Farrelly is coming to England and where? Finally he finds out down in Bournemouth which is on the south coast and on both those two websites he talks about his experiences of coming to a workshop and he's a big NLPer and has worked with Richard Bandler. So he thinks "I'm going to follow this guy and see what he does". If you're interested in NLP and provocative therapy you want to read his stuff on the internet. What a guy. What a guy. And he's got a heart of 144 carat gold!"

Frank Farrelly about Nick Kemp

"Our day with Nick Kemp was a turning point. The solutions are obvious as we look back on them! But on the day Nick found us confused and stressed and left us clear and focussed. We changed the company name to reflect the range of products we now have and this has immediately helped to communicate to existing and new customers so much better. Nick's direction has meant these changes are felt within the organisation as well. The ideas came from ourselves with his guidance – and this means we have so much more ownership of the process. The follow-up from Nick has also been welcome – checking, tweaking and confirming the original plan as it rolls out. The focus and clarity Nick brought to us has meant increased sales activity as well as a more efficient work pattern to deal with this. From struggling to striding!"

Mal Williamson - Director Engage Now - Nov 2008

"We wanted to help our staff consider that there is more than one response to a given situation, and help them explore a range of possibilities in terms of reactions. Alongside that is the awareness of the power and effect of language to help increase rapport, not only with colleagues, but with our customers.
Feedback from Nick's work was impressive, in the highly regulated world of insurance we do have to operate to a script when talking to customers to meet FSA requirements; however we are now looking at the specific words we use.
Additionally our staff are more aware of their 'state' as a major factor in improving our ability to perform tasks, and how to seek to control this."

Sue Lewis - Operations Manager,
Towergate Partnership Ltd

"As head of a busy community drug service, the most significant element I witnessed in his training for my team that has proved to be important in our work with addicted clients has been without a doubt the powerful insight he provided that profound change is not only possible and desirable - but that it is not a time bound process. We are used to assuming that our work will be slow and painstaking - Nick reminded us of the human potential for swift and dramatic change."

Sian James
Head of Community Drug Treatment Services

"I've been in the retail business for eight years and have had a lot of success until this year, when retail hit a low point. After a major upsizing last year, sales weren't covering overheads and the business couldnt've survived. I brought in the services of Nick Kemp for advise on areas that we could change to get customers back through the doors again.
After a friendly, informal chat over breakfast outside of my shop, Nick suggested loads of things to attract more customers into the shop, like simply adding more colour to the window! This alone increased customer traffic dramatically.
After seeing Nick and implementing just a few of his ideas, within ONE week, the business completely turned around! And to think, i've only implemented about 10% of the ideas so far! Now, it's a case of finding out just how much money the shop can make! Fun times!
If you are looking for a way to increase sales and efficiency in your business, I can whole-heartedly recommend Nick Kemp as a Business Consultant."

Julie Lingard
Aqua Couture (Designer Boutique), Leeds

"Nick is fantastic to have around in various areas. I have worked with Nick on my business skills and training for my staff. If you were looking to find that extra few percent to beat the competition...then here you are."

Ross Allenby - Entrepreneur, Oct 2008

"If you train with Nick then quite simply you will be able to DO this stuff. This is absolutely KEY. It's no good learning from someone who's just spent a bunch of money to obtain a 'title'... Nick is a LIVING DEMONSTRATION of what USING these technologies can do. I'm not just talking about business either - Sure Nick runs a thriving training company...sure he maintains a product 'empire' of some of the best audio/video material out there...sure he secured his own radio series with the BBC...sure he continues to pack out his clinic with people who want a lasting solution to their problems. But it's more than that. Nick is a lovely guy. He's generous, intelligent, mischievous and damn funny. Hear me on this - I meet hundreds of people every year who think it's appropriate to try and maintain a fake "veneer" of 'success' - until they reveal to me secretly that they're barely making rent... Nick Kemp is a man who has done what should be done if you're going to spend money and time to learn this stuff...HE'S USED IT! And you know what's cool? He'll show you how to use it too. Whatever he recommends next - I'd do it!"

James Lavers

"Having worked with Nick Kemp on various projects over several years I am fully aware of the unique skills he possesses, and he was my first port of call when I set about building a telesales team. From the outset his thinking process and training methodology were far superior to any I have encountered in my 14 years of sales. He has the ability to break everything down to a simplistic level. We successfully took 18 people with no experience or discernable skills and within a three day period produced sales staff that have and still are achieving target on a daily basis. Nicks ability to communicate on all levels was truly tested and yet he succeeded. We continue to train new staff with Nick's bespoke training package, whilst continually assessing and updating existing staff's skills. As a company we have never missed a sales target, this has been achieved through consistent input from Nick Kemp. He adds strength to our company and is viewed as a team member by all the staff. I see Nick as part of our continued growth and success and am convinced that without his original input and ideas we would not be where we are today."

Andrew Horner Glister, MD

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About Nick Kemp

Nick Kemp has been involved in the field of personal change for thirty years, having studied many forms of communication and personal development, including Hypnosis, Provocative Therapy and Neuro Linguistics, before creating his own Provocative Change Works(tm) approach that he uses in his private practice. His highly acclaimed Human Alchemy (tm) series of CDs attracted international attention and he created the first ever commercial multi sound DTS hypnosis CD. In early 2001 Nick Kemp’s Human Alchemy CDs had already became regarded by many as some of the finest hypnosis products available, and were described by Anglo American Books in the following way -
“We are sent many CDs and audiotapes from therapists for review, but it is truly unusual to come across a product that is as effective and professional as this offering from Nick Kemp. As well as being a useful tool it should be of great interest to those who wish to use the more complex language techniques inherited from Milton Erickson's great work.”
In 2004 Nick Kemp met Frank Farrelly, (creator of Provocative Therapy and influence on the creators of NLP) and began an intensive training to become an approved Provocative Therapy Trainer. He subsequently founded The Association for Provocative Therapy (or AFPT) and released the “Provocative Change Works for Phobias” DVD set which has commentary from Frank Farrelly himself. In 2006 Nick Kemp was a guest for 26 consecutive weeks on BBC Radio curing phobics live on the air using his Provocative Change Works approach. This has been described by Frank Farrelly to a professional colleague in the following way
“You’ll find his work on phobias using PT mixed with NLP and Hypnosis quite a blend and Enlightening!”
Frank Farrelly
In 2008 Nick Kemp was invited to present at the IASH Conference in San Francisco to a “standing room only” audience and he has since also presented his work in New York. In 2009 and 2010 he will be running a series of new trainings in the UK, Europe and USA. His Provocative Change Works approach and creation of the Provocative Icon System (tm) has attracted the attention of many international trainers including Steve Andreas who made the following comment
“Do you know Nick Kemp? – (he is) exceptionally bright, and I have immensely enjoyed communicating...The kind of exchanges that I have been having... are the kind of activities that I think can really advance the field.”
Steve Andreas
NLP Developer, Writer

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